Piano Found a Home

Everyone knows the piano we have in our basement. A 1953? Gulbransen spinet, blonde color, light action, tuned up pretty well. Sounds great. (I thought it was horribly broken -- buzzing -- until I removed a dried up marshmallow from the soundboard). Inside, the piano looks like the day it left the factory, 65 years ago. Arizona's climate, and the basement, have been kind to this piano.

It is never played. It's time to move it upstairs and out.

  • Phase 1: Do any of the kids want it? Tuesday 9/25 to Thursday 9/27. Jacob? Melanie? Ben?
  • Phase 2: Do any of my siblings want it? They grew up with it. Friday 9/28 to Sunday 9/30. Kent? Linda? Donzo? Update: it went to Chris and Cynthia.
  • Phase 3: Does any of Pauli's family want it?
  • Phase 4: Does anyone you know, or anyone in the Ward want it? Monday Oct 1 - Wed Oct 3.
  • Phase 5: On October 4, if nobody claims it; we find Deseret Industries or Goodwill or other.

No, it wouldn't be great for the cabin. Or maybe I should say, yes, it would be great for you to take it up and get it into the cabin. I'm not doing it. For me, a $200 Casio keyboard would be better for the cabin (you can use headphones with it, etc.). They weigh about 9 pounds.

If we find a taker, I will meet them halfway. I will arrange to get it up and out to the sidewalk. It is yours from there.

It is a nice piano. We don't need a second piano, and we don't need a piano in the basement. Time for a change.