05 January 2010

Veggie Lasagna a'la Wing (Artichoke Hearts! Spinach!)

Wing made this for us, when she and Jake were living here (between grad school and California).  I later asked her for the recipe, and she said she got it online, here.

That's the recipe. alright.  I made it again tonight and it's really very good.  My observations:

  1. The recipe, as it stands, is watery. Don't put all that broth into it! Keep the the sauce fairly dry. If you must, then use a teensy bit of broth or a little boullion instead. Once you dump the marinara sauce into it, it will be plenty wet.
  2. Use fresh spinach and don't be shy about piling it on.
  3. I sauteed mushrooms and added them.  
  4. I doubled the feta on top, because Pauli loves it.
  5. Note to self:  half a box (1/2 lb.) of lasagna noodles is all you need for this.

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